Mr.Chakravarthi AVPS, has more than three decades of

experience in field of packaging, is well known in packaging industry for his simple and innovative packaging solutions.

“Seeing is believing Showing is selling

-AVPS Chakravarthi ,CEO and MD, Ecobliss India


In 1995 Ron Linssen, the founder of Ecobliss, developed, a new, innovative cold sealing technology for blister packaging.
Since the introduction of this new, eco-friendly sealing technology, customers from many industries have changed their packaging to this simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective method of packaging.

Mr. Ron Linssen and Mr. Chakravarthi AVPS were passionate about getting the best packaging solutions to the ever changing market.

Together they started Ecobliss India to solve packaging problems faced by several industry giants and to create new innovative packaging solutions.

Friends for many years – A partnership was struck:


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