Child Resistant Packaging

Child Resistant Packaging

Innovation. From the start.
Through the success of cold seal packaging, Ecobliss has become a known name in the market. With many years of experience, Ecobliss is – today – recognized to be the Smart Source for the entire scope of blister and high-visibility packaging. Our latest development is Locked4Kids.


Locked4Kids is the world’s first child-resistant and senior-friendly reclosable carton box.
It’s extremely difficult, but at the same time fascinating to create something so simple, inexpensive and easy to produce and at the same time easy to use for everyone… except of course for little children.
There is a growing trend towards packaging tablets and capsules in a blister strip first and then in a retail carton. A blister warrants the integrity of tablets and capsules much better than a bottle. Cartons are the best and the most economical solution to package, but – until now – the only option to package blisters in a child-resistant way is by using all kinds of specialty packaging available in the market.
For that reason, Ecobliss has started the development of Locked4Kids cartons in 2013.



Extensive testing with children in the age of 42-51 months, as well as adults between 50 and 70 years old, has been executed in the development of Locked4Kids and amazing results were achieved. In Mid 2014 Ecobliss managed to get certification on three different sizes of cartons and with that we got a range certificate, meaning that all cartons between the smallest and largest tested carton could be mass-produced, without the need for re-certification. After this certification Locked4Kids was introduced to the market.


How does it work?

The carton has 2 small openings which are located on the sidewalls, diagonally across, at a distance that is hard to cover by little children’s fingers, but easy for adults.
A plastic tray slides into the carton and 2 hooks in the shape of fishing hooks lock the tray whenever it is fully inserted. By pressing the hooks simultaneously, the tray unlocks and can be pulled out. All components – tray, carton, and blisters – have been designed in a way that the parts stay connected when the packaging is opened by the consumer.


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