Blister Cards

Blister Cards

Blister cards are the backbone of blister packaging. Together, the blister and blister card provide a beautiful, highly visible presentation of your product. Blister cards can be single cards, but also used in other variations such as the front & back card combination, or the fold-over card. Blister Packaging primarily consists of Blister Card and a plastic blister. Combined together, they form a attractive packaging which provided a high visibility of your products. These blister cards can be customisable to different shapes/ sizes and can be used as single card or made as a fold-over blister card. An attractive blister packaging is aided by the attractive blister card.

Cold seal Blister Cards

In the year 1995, Ron Linssen, founder of Ecobliss Group, discovered and invented cold seal technology in blister packaging. In cold seal blister packaging, only pressure is required to make perfect bond between the two blister cards. An Ecobliss pressure sensitive cohesive is applied on rear side of blister cards. The sealing does not require any heat or electricity but only application of pressure does the sealing. Cold seal blister packaging is very simple to use and can automated as well to support your process of packaging. The plastic blisters are trapped between a fold-over cold seal blister card and then bonded with simple application of pressure. Conventional heat seal single blister cards are limited to basic water based printed coating. But with our cold seal technology, the blister cards can be customized to several print finishes like met pet, foil stamping, hybrid UV, Matt finish etc., which provides an aesthetically beautiful packaging. Another great advantage of ecobliss cold seal technology is that packaging is an eco-friendly and is not exposed to any hazardous or uncomfortable radiation, smell and heat. Our sustainable model of cold seal packaging consists of plastic blister which is easily recyclable as well.

Heat seal Blister Cards

Heat seal blister packaging has a plastic blister bonded on the front face of heat seal blister card. The printed cards are coated with heat seal lacquer coating on front side to form heat seal blister card. A variety of heat-sealing equipment is provided by us to meet your packaging processes. Heat seal blister packaging requires an enough heat and electricity at specific interval to form an attractive and high visibility packaging for your product.

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