Blister is a pre-formed plastic cavity which is essentially used to show your product, protect the product and provides a great shelf display. With more than two decades of experience in blister forming and attaining uncompromised results in terms of design and quality, Ecobliss India is your smartsource for blisterproducts.

Single/Unit Blisters

Single or unit blisters is essentially a singular pre – formed plastic cavity, which is used to protect, package the protect and displays it on the shop shelves. Combined with blister cards, this forms a beautiful blister pack which is self-ready to display pack. At Ecobliss India, unit blisters can be combined with our blister cards or can be separately provided as well.

Plastic-blister Trays

Blister trays are examples of unit/single blister packaging. These are designed to organize and protect your products in an efficient manner which is used to store safely/securely during the transit. Also, can be used as temporarily storage of products and during your assembly line process from one place to another. At Ecobliss India, thermo formed or vacuum formed blister trays are designed, customized and manufactured for food (chocolate trays, biscuit trays etc.), pharmaceutical (secondary trays for vials, ampoules, pre-filled syringes etc.,), automotive (component trays), and for industrial goods. Our designs are made considering your primary needs such as POS (point of sale), logistical support in your assembly process, or just to hold/protect your products in case of biscuit/ cookie trays.

Clamshell Blisters

Clamshell blisters can be made of different shapes and sizes depending on the product. They offer 100% visibility on the shelf, without the product being taken out of the packaging. Combining with a printed blister card/ insert card, these can offer sales message which suits your needs. Clamshells can be fold-over blisters or front-back blisters depending on the requirements. Ecobliss offers high quality customisable clamshell blisters of different shapes, sizes, colors made from PVC and PET.

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