Locked4Kids introduces new Certified Child Resistant and Senior Friendly Package for Laundry Detergent Pods and Dishwasher Tablets


Delivering an easy dispensing package for adults, while preventing access by young children..

Wilmington, DE – October 26, 2016 – Locked4Kids Inc. proudly introduces its certified CR package, created to protect young children from accessing and ingesting detergent pods and tablets, while providing adults easy dispensing of the product. The highly popular unit-dose detergent packs are hazardous when ingested. The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported that since 2013, over 10,000 calls to poison control centers are made annually in the United States alone. Most cases were by children aged three years and younger, and could have been prevented if the children could not access the pods.

True to its mission, Locked4Kids has incorporated simplicity in the design, allowing ease of opening and dispensing for adults, while preventing young children from accessing the contents. The package is simple to produce, using recyclable materials and standard packaging machinery.

…quote “With the increased popularity of unit dose packs in laundry and detergent, the convenience should not have to come at the expense of child safety,” said Ron Linssen, Managing Director of Locked4Kids, “Locked4Kids delivers a very simple user experience for the adults who should be handling the pods, and protects young children who should not have access to them.”

The Locked4Kids package has been certified child resistant, per the US 16 CFR 1700.20 Child Resistant and Senior use effectiveness packaging requirements and testing procedures, to meet F=1, the highest level of CR protection. Additionally, it has been certified for EU to the ISO 8317 standard. The certification testing results of 100% in both Child Resistant and Senior Friendly effectiveness indicate a safe and simple experience for consumers.

The patented Locked4Kids design consists of a folding carton and a plastic tray, which locks to the carton. The tamper-evident package incorporates a reclosable dispensing feature to release the individual pod or tablet, that maintains its child-safe closure after each use. The tray-in-carton design, along with its easy peel lid film, offers superior product protection in comparison to stand up pouch. On the store shelf, as well as in a home cabinet, the package delivers great visibility and billboard space. The package is suitable for a variety of pack counts, delivering the brand owner versatility for selling through multiple retail channels. The carton format is ideal for the rapidly growing ecommerce channel, offering shipping economies by being flat, lightweight and cube efficient.


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